Hello :) My name's Janelle Bonura. I'm 19 years old and I'm a singer and songwriter. Hope you like my music. LINKS ARE BELOW :) Thank you all for the neverending love and support <3 xoxo, janelle

just checked out soundcloud and i hit over 700 plays :] thank you guys sososoososososo much for all your support! i cant thank you enough!

songs are currently being recorded for my next album 

thank you again ! <3

3 years ago

A Day In The Life (The Beatles Cover) 

3 years ago

Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars (Cafe Marina Audition)

3 years ago
1-Nothing On You2-Take A Bow (Rihanna Cover)3-Paper Hearts4-Kids (MGMT Cover)5-Neverland6-Thinking Of You7-Someday8-Home9-Standing Tall10-Sleep Tight11-Back On Track12-Spelled Out In Stars13-December14-The Last Song15-La Mia Luna

1-Nothing On You
2-Take A Bow (Rihanna Cover)
3-Paper Hearts
4-Kids (MGMT Cover)
6-Thinking Of You
9-Standing Tall
10-Sleep Tight
11-Back On Track
12-Spelled Out In Stars
14-The Last Song
15-La Mia Luna

3 years ago
Someday by janellesmusic